How Good Can Come From Junk Mail

How many of us get junk mail? That’s like asking, “how many of us breathe,” right? Silly question….

But every once in a while something good and helpful shows up. Today, for instance, I got a nice extra large-sized, bright green postcard that caught my attention. And not only does it benefit a good cause, but it fits in perfectly with the eco-friendly, sustainable living lifestyle I’ve been talking about for so long now. So remember the mantra, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” This one fits under the heading of “Reuse,” don’t you think?

Without covering all the minutiae, and by using the wonders of modern technology, I can share a copy of the card with you:

Epilepsy Foundation Donation mailer image

Do Good....Donate!!

Here in Arlington, MA, we have designated pickup times that are printed on the reverse side of the mailer. Donating is easy – you just put your stuff out on the sidewalk by 7am on the designated pickup day, attach the donation card (save and print the copy above if you like!), and the rest is up to them! If you’re not a resident of Arlington, you can still donate your items by calling the Epilepsy Foundation New England Pickup Center at 888-322-8209 or schedule a pickup via the Donate New England web site.

Do you have a favorite charity you’d like me to highlight here? Send me the info and I’ll be glad to pass it on. For more information on local charitable organizations, please visit my list of non-profits in Arlington, MA at my web site. While there, why not sign up for my monthly email of eco-friendly living tips.

Until next time, Peace!



2 responses to this post.

  1. Great post for springtime! I’m about ready to one of my own on spring cleaning – purging old “stuff” makes you feel so good and if someone else can use it? All the better! Thanks Tim.


  2. Thanks, Tammy! That’s how I feel too – maybe because I’m getting older. As time goes on, I have the desire to shred more and more of my material “stuff.” It also makes moving a lot easier whenever I relocate! 🙂 Good luck with your spring cleanup!


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