Floods and Flowers in East Arlington MA

The heavy rains from last week caused quite a bit of flooding throughout town, even in parts of Arlington that have never seen flooding before. Residential homes and commercial properties were equally affected, particularly along the Cambridge and Belmont borders. Interestingly enough, the Arlington flood map boundaries were recently updated to include areas that were newly flooded, with the changes to be effective this June. Good work on the map FEMA!

I happen to live on one of the streets shown in the video and I can attest to the fact that homes which never saw flooding before (such as mine) had over a foot of water in the basement!

Arlington Advocate video of flooding in Arlington MA:

Despite the drenching, the spring flowers have not been beaten down! I visited parts of East Arlington that were under water a week ago and took pictures of some of the prettiest spring real estate (front yard flowers!) around. Here are a few to enjoy:

How is your yard looking? If you’ve got some nice spring flowers in bloom (or about to bloom), take some pictures and email them to me at timcahill@avenue3re.com.  I’ll share them here and let you know when they’re posted.

You might also want to check out my Eco-Friendly Partners page for a green landscaping company near you!

Until next time, Peace!



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