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The Value I Offer As An EcoBroker

If you live in the Cambridge MA or Arlington MA areas, please visit my website at Cyber Green Realty and visit the Eco Friendly Partners page.  I’ve compiled an extensive list of local vendors that can provide the services you saw in the video.


Eco-friendly, Energy-efficient Rehabs (aka Foreclosures) Getting Harder to Find

If you’ve been waiting for a good foreclosure deal to come along (perhaps one that you’re eyeing for an eco-friendly, green rehab!), you should take note of the changing market.  The good foreclosure deals, which make ideal candidates for an energy-retrofit, will be getting harder to find as we enter the Spring home buying season.

A foreclosed property is more likely to be a good rehab candidate because the owner (currently referred to as “Corporate Owned” in the listing jargon) has already had the home inspected (at least in most cases) and a professional Realtor has evaluated the condition of the house, the current market conditions, and priced the home at fair market value. So of if you make an offer at the listing price, you’re offer is almost guaranteed to be accepted. If you purchase such a property, you’re still within your rights to have a home inspection done, usually within 10 days of offer acceptance. The home inspection would be the ideal time to have an energy audit of the house completed. Then while waiting for your mortgage application to be approved, you can start applying for some of the very generous financial assistance programs offered to homeowners who make their home more energy efficient.



REALTOR� Magazine-Daily News-Foreclosure Bargains Getting Harder to Find.

Eat Local and Be Green

Picture of summer vegetables

Local means fresh!

Eating locally has become a new trend within the green movement, taking it’s queue from the organic food movement.  With sustainable agriculture, local food integrates production, processing, distribution, and consumption on a small scale, creating sustainable local economies and a stronger connection between farm and table.

Arlington MA has a great Farmer’s Market on Wednesday afternoons, from June through October.  Belmont has another good one on Thursday afternoons, also from June through October, while Cambridge has multiple markets on various days from June through November.  You can easily find a listing of local farmer’s markets in the Arlington, Cambridge, and Somerville MA areas online.

In addition to attending farmer’s markets and purchasing local produce, you can also help grow your own – saving you even more money and travel time.  Arlington MA has a program called the CSA Farm Share (community-supported agriculture), wherein you partner with a local farmer to, in effect, grow your own produce.  You select the farmer you want to work with, the amount of land you want to share, the dollar amount you’re willing to pay, and then reap the fruits of their labor during the growing season!

To promote the concept, there is an upcoming CSA Farm Share Fair in Arlington MA on February 25, 2010.  The venue is the Park Avenue Congregational Church in Arlington Heights, 50 Paul Revere Road, and it begins at 6pm.  There will be at least 15 different farms represented, along with a local honey bee farmer, and a local fishery. For more information on the Fair, visit the Arlington MA CSA Share Fair web site.
This is a great way to share in the bounties of the local farming economies.  Since the food doesn’t travel far and fewer resources are devoted to transportation and middleman expenses, you can save money, eat local, and be green all at the same time!

Bon appetit!