MA Residents – Could You Use a 0% $15,000 Loan for Energy Improvements?

Yes. you read that correctly!

If you live in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you may be eligible for a MassSAVE HEAT Loan, providing you with the opportunity to get a 0% loan for the installation of qualified energy efficient improvements in your home. The loan amount can not exceed $15,000 and the term of the loan can not exceed 7 years. To apply for the loan, you must OWN and OCCUPY a one-to-four family residence and obtain a Home Energy Assessment through the MassSAVE program.

To begin, the first step is to obtain a Home Energy Assessment. Call 1-866-527-7283 to schedule your assessment. Then visit the MassSAVE web site to review the list of qualified lenders in your area. And you’re off!

For a more detailed explanation of the process, see the MassSAVE’s Steps to the Heat Loan Program, also available on the MassSave web site.

For more information and links to some of my preferred Eco-Conscious vendors, visit my web site at CyberGreenRealty.Com. If you’ve already taken advantage of one of these programs and made some improvements to your home, why not share your experiences here! I look forward to your comments.



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