Arlington, MA Drinking Water Report

The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority and the Arlington Department of Public Works have released their annual Water Quality report for 2008, as mandated by the EPA. The results are excellent – we’ve got some of the best drinking water in the nation! For the 120 contaminants that are tested for, utilizing thousands of samples every week, every EPA standard was met and the lead test results show that MWRA has exceeded the federal Lead Action Level standards.

There are a couple of highlights I’d like to share with you from the report, pertinent to being “green” and all…

“As water travels eastward through tunnels from the Quabbin and Wachusett Revervoirs, clean hydro-electric energy is produced. The electricity generated is used to reduce MWRA’s energy demands. Also, the clean, fresh water is delivered straight to your home without the fuel consumption of trucking or the waste left behind by plastic bottles.”

And speaking of bottled water –

“Even though tap and bottled water must meet the same standards, bottled water costs hundreds of times more – a penny for tap compared to $1 to $8 a gallon for bottled. Tap water must meet more intensive Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) testing requirements than bottled water, which is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).”

So before heading to the gym next time, consider filling up your reusable drinking container with some fresh tap water – you’ll be going green and saving money at the same time!

If you didn’t receive a copy of “Your Drinking Water Report 2008,” or live out of the area and are thinking of moving to Arlington and you’d like a copy of the report, contact the MWRA at 617-242-5323 or visit their web site at



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