Cambridge, MA Median Home Sale Prices Increasing

The most recent Cambridge, MA, single family median sales price data show prices have jumped a healthy 12.7% compared to the same period last year. Arlington, MA and Somerville, MA have each experienced small declines in pricing (-5.2% and -6.3%, respectively). But combining all three locations, we find the median sales price has dipped only -1.4% compared to last year.

So what does this tell us? Well, we’re wavering a bit while the market tries to find its footing. Three months ago, the median price was also -1.4% over the past year. But in May, we almost got back to where we were last year, price-wise, with only a -.4% change in median prices. And now we’re back down to -1.4% again. So you can see, the market is trying to stabilize itself and should be due for a comeback this summer, particularly as first-time home buyers start to rush the market and drive the prices back up a bit.

And here’s a little bit o’ interesting news: at this exact same time last year, the median sales price from 2006-2008 increased by 1.4% – the exact opposite of where we are today! Interesting, huh?

Single Family Sales Trends


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